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Monday, January 30, 2012

Farigrounds Livestock Barns

One of the livestock barns at what used to be the Mid-South Fairgrounds


  1. Joe i spent many days and nights in these barns growing up. We showed Reg Angus Cattle for 15 years at the Mid South Fair and we had to bring them and stay there for the full 10 days so we slept in beds made from cotts or hay between the cows and played at the fair everyday. What a great way to learn about the world spending 10 days at the fair. wonderful memories. Bob Turner

  2. Bob, as a city boy, I was always fascinated with the livestock, and spent many hours in those barns at the Fair. The last time I was at the Fair, I was accompanied by a NY photographer, and all she wanted to do was look at the cattle. We spent hours talking with personnel and watching the prep for showing. So I guess we all have fond memories of the barns.